Housewarmers, LLC.
Providing energy auditing, energy conservation,
weatherization services, and serving all of your building
science needs in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Welcome to Housewarmers, LLC

House Warmers, LLC has over 20 years experience in providing
energy conservation services in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and
Washington DC.  We work directly with homeowners, landlords,
utilities, and government entities to reduce energy consumption,
utility costs, and the overall environmental impact.  We have certified
energy efficiency experts that can help lower utility bills and increase
your comfort through our high quality services.  Whether lowering
your energy use, bringing down high utility bills, or increasing the
comfort in your home, House Warmers can help you reach the goal.

Housewarmers Convenience

House Warmers is your one-stop shop for all your home energy
needs.  From the initial energy audit/inspection, to quality assurance
and support, we pride ourselves on great customer relations and a
quality sustainable product.

After an energy audit is conducted, we will provide you with a report
including test results, and make recommendations for improvements
to make your home more energy efficient.  We also utilize our vast
experience to implement the recommended upgrades, and provide
your home with the care it needs.
Licensed in MD, PA, and Washington DC.
Housewarmers, LLC.
1209 Hamilton BLVD.
Hagerstown, MD
Phone:  240.313.9337
Fax:       240.420.9297

There are several areas where
your home may be wasting
energy and causing comfort
concerns.  Click to enlarge.
Typical leakage
percentages in homes.
Infrared image of
concealed moisture issue.